For groups over 4 people we offer "group printing" rates and classes.  Group classes include all the materials needed for screen printing as well as a t-shirt or a tote bag.  We also include lots of test materials - fabrics and papers, so you get to print a lot of your image.

Below is an example of what a group class will entail.  But, it's different deepening on what your group is looking for.  We also do slightly different group classes for children.  Contact us with any questions.

Below is a typical class schedule for a group class:

12 - 12:15   Arrival / meeting up.  Everybody gets settled into the class.  If the host has snacks, everybody can get a snack.
12:15 - 12:45   digital editing demo with Q & A session.  We will go over editing images for screen printing in the following formats:  drawing, bitmaping, vectoring.  We will also cover the basics for digitally sizing your image and creating sharp, precise images.
12:45 - 1  We will expose 1 screen together & wash the image out.  (Other screens will be pre-exposed so we can spend more time printing.)
1 - 1:45 Group printing for the 2 color image.  (In group classes we like to do 1 multi color image, but there are other options as well.)  Everybody in the group will receive a demo and basic practice on how to print an image together.  We will go over: screen preparation, how to get a perfect print, holding the squeegee, registration, and cleaning screens.
1:45 - 2  After an initial print intro, everybody will prepare their own screens and get ready to do their own printing.
2 - 3  Independent printing of your own image, depending on the size of the group people may be asked to pair up on the screen printing stations.  Teachers will be available for assistance.


Please contact us directly for pricing - thegreasediner [at] gmail [dot] com

All group classes require a 50% despot prior to the class for scheduling.

Brit and co enjoying their group class at the grease diner.


A group screen printing class at the grease diner.  Going over how to print a 2-color image on the t-shirt press.

A group screen printing class at the Grease diner.