Grease Diner screen printing DIY studio access menu

Yardage screens are $50 to use and REQUIRE you schedule an appointment for printing.  Contact us if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Studio Usage

Can I just show up?
No, please contact us to schedule a time to use the studio. Our normal hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-5pm. We need to know when you are coming in to make sure we have time and space for you. 

 Do I need to bring an image?
Yes, bring an image you'd like to print. Images need to be properly formatted for screen printing.  You will be charged for image editing.  We print directly onto acetate from our large-format printer.

Can I print on paper?
Yes. You can print on almost anything!

Can I bring my own screen and use your facility to print?
You can bring your own screen, purchase a screen, or rent one from us.

Can I expose my own screens?
No, but if you would like to have your image exposed on your own screen, we require that you drop off your CLEAN screen at least a day in advance. We might be able to reclaim your screen, depending on the emulsion and condition of the screen. We also restretch screens.

How many shirts / items can I print?
You are charged by the hour - not the quantity.

More questions?
Email: thegreasediner [at] gmail [dot] com
Call: 510 379 0190